Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Canflipping Extrema

So last night, I was sitting around Dodixie bored out of my mind waiting for war targets to undock, and got the idea to go to their home system in my Rifter, stopping along each belt along the way to shoot rats to improve my sec status, and maybe even annoy some miners.

The trip there was uneventful, and consisted of ganking small rats. However, when I reached their home system, 8 jumps away, I noticed that it was abuzz with miners. I warped over to the first belt, and saw a retriever with a can out. I waltzed up, jetted my own, and put his ore (a FULL 27km3 of it) into my can.

He deployed drones, and I orbited a bit wider, after a while, he warped off. I started my Orca alt hauling ass the 8 jumps to scoop the ore. While it was hopping through systems, the miner came back in a Thorax, and deployed medium drones. Let me remind you, I was in a Rifter... Medium drones aren't so good at hitting light ships. I orbited at around 30km, and he was apparently unable to engage with his drones. I just wanted to hold off until the Orca had picked up the ore. Unfortunately, he warped seconds before the Orca landed and scooped the payload of ore, and I never saw him again.

Continuing on to the next belt, I came across two miners, both with cans out. Added to that, they had an Orca of their own in the center of the belt, next to a Brutix battlecruiser. Presumably it was there for fire support if someone such as... me, showed up.

This required some finesse. I warped my neutral Orca in first, positioning it in the middle of the belt, away from their support ships, and warped my Rifter in at 100km. I bookmarked both cans, warped out, and warped to the first one. Again, I jetted mine, and flipped the ore, and immediately warped out.

Tractoring the can with the Orca, I noticed that it was nearly full as well. My Orca was nearly full! I warped my Rifter back to the other can, and flipped it the same way, tractoring it in, but this time, I started orbiting the Brutix at 30km. It targeted, but never engaged. What use is fire support if it won't be used? I warped off after a few minutes, and at this point my Orca had ore coming out its airlocks, and I made the journey back to Dodixie.

So, some tips for miners:
Fire support needs to be willing to engage.
Fire support needs to be near the CANS.
Haulers need to be near the CANS.
Never leave a FULL can around.
Don't AFK mine.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flipping cans and fleeting up.

So this last week has been rather busy. I've had mucho work in RL that I've had to deal with, but it's finally march break, which means a full week.... of EVE.

I logged in late today to find Adrae, a fellow ninja, ready to start a small op of his own. Wanting to fleet salvage myself, I offered my Orca and scanning abilities, and we formed a small fleet ready to begin.

The first action we got was about 4 hours later. Adrae warped into a mission where there were no wrecks at all. He checked his dscan, and decided that the 1 container there was worth jumping the gates. Lo and behold, he gets to the container, and figures out that it's full of the ENTIRE mission's worth of loot.

We all immediately begin to warp in, as he calls out that there's a salvage ship on the way. My Orca lands, and I begin to burn it through the gates. I land a second later, and hotswap to my vigil, and warp in ahead of my Orca. We had a few moments before told Adrae to tractor the can out of range of the warp in, so the enemy salvage ship couldn't scoop it. At this point, we realize that the enemy ship is an Ishtar, which is not good at all for us, but the 3000m3 in the can of loot makes us stay.

Adrae now burns at an angle to the orca, hoping that he can reach it before the enemy ship - which is closing, reaches the can. I hotswap again to my salvage destroyer, which is a little more spacious, and burn to the can, matching speed twice over to scoop some of the loot and burn to the orca at my faster speed.

Finally, Adrae begins burning a straight path to my Orca, with the Ishtar, and now a friend of his, in hot pursuit. They must have had full cargo holds, because they begin dropping cans of their own to free up space for what we're towing. This is confirmed when they both begin flashing red in my overview, which means they've stolen from our can, although later we realize that the took nothing of value.

Finally, as both enemy ships realize the game is up and warp out, Adrae's vigil makes it back to the Orca, where I scoop everything in the can into my hold. This entire process took around 45 minutes, and what's amazing is that they never said a word.

The rest of the op was spent in relative safety, although we managed to tank and destroy a field of large NPC's and steal a Ship's Crew - contracted publicly for 10mill.

All in all an eventful day, but I'm still looking for another kill... Haven't had a mission runner so much as take a shot at me in around 2 weeks, most of which can be accredited to me not being on.