Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Fantastic Day!

In direct opposite from my last post, today was awesome!
I awoke to my trusty Rifter, the one that had survived a kill, and was still kicking. I undocked and proceeded to start scanning the depths of Amamake. Withing a minute, I had a Rifter on my screens. My modules were spooled up and ready to kill even before I landed on top of this cousin of a ship. His shield, and then his armor quickly succumbed to my cannons. Another kill. After losing concord with a push of the warp button, I started scanning once again. At this point a few corp members decided to run an op into Egghelende. It wa only two jumps away, so I joined in. After a while, we scouted out a Brutix. We were ordered to engage. After landing 100km away from it, it called in support. There were 5 of them before half of us decided to bail. The other half died in the fire.

However, this wasn't the end of the day. I had survived, and made the trip back to Amamake unharmed. Once again, I picked my favorite spot, and started scanning for targets. At one point, I warped in on an Omen, but i ran before I could pin it. Finally, I found an Osprey. I felt lucky this time, I warped in, systems at the ready, landed 7000m away. Perfect. The cruiser was scrambled, webbed, and taking damage before it registered me, before long, it was into armor, and soon after that, hull. In no time In had looted the wreck, and lost concord. I remember screaming Yarr! into the nearest channel, although I have no idea which.

2009.11.22 04:42:00

Victim: Xollis
Corp: School of Applied Knowledge
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Destroyed: Osprey
System: Amamake
Security: 0.4
Damage Taken: 2829

Involved parties:

Name: Captain Charismatic (laid the final blow)
Security: -2.7
Corp: Interstellar Tactical And Trust
Alliance: NONE
Faction: NONE
Ship: Rifter
Weapon: Foxfire Rocket
Damage Done: 2439

Name: Angel Smasher / Archangels
Damage Done: 390

Destroyed items:

Bloodclaw Light Missile, Qty: 34
Veldspar, Qty: 2568 (Cargo)
Miner II
1MN Afterburner I
Expanded Cargohold I

Dropped items:

Miner II, Qty: 2
Expanded Cargohold I, Qty: 2
Survey Scanner I
Standard Missile Launcher I

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dull day...

Today was a little odd.. I started out in high sec, but soon the calling of lowsec was too strong. I prepared my Rifter, and made the journey. What I found in Amamake was an early Christmas present from Wensley. I'd been gifted with 29 Rifters and their assorted fittings. I thanked Wensley and took his offer without much hesitation. And this is where the fun begins. First, I undocked, and saw a Minmatar shuttle a little away from the base. I made a run to it, locked and stupidly, started shooting. I thought I could kill and get away from that range, I was of course, wrong. It was a stupid mistake that costed me a ship. I waited out the timer, which then changed to yellow. After undocking, my shiny replacement was blasted yet again, but why? I had not aggressed... But this time, I made it to a safespot, and waited for my ship to recover from the shock the sentries had created. Next, I started scanning, which resulted in me finding an Ishkur at a belt. On warping in, he was apparently taking off to the next belt. I gave chase. By the time I got to the second, he had gone back to the first. Grr. Upon looking into his character, I learned that he wa vastly older than I, and a wanted criminal. I decided to leave this one alone.

So I started scanning again, and instantly came across a caracal. Upon warping to the belt, the Caracal flashed momentarily across my readout, then vanished. A Caracal with a cloak? I decided it best not to stick around. I was getting bored, and so jumped on a Vexor in a belt ratting. Long story short, I got drone'd.

I fitted up my last Rifter of the day, and headed back out. A few moments later, a Navitas undocked, and headed out at sublight. I followed. Once we were at 150km from the station, I opened up, shredding the little ship like paper. I turned to the pod, and killed it too. My boredom was not alleviated. :(

So there you have it folks, my second kill ever, and it's on a semi AFK Navitas pilot with civilian loot. Oh well. He's the one stupid enough to be AFK in lowsec.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's a small world...

So I was cruising around yesterday, and decided to flip some cans.. Found a Thrasher at a station, followed it to a belt, and kept a distance. Approached it to get into position. Then he locked me. Turns out he's the same one who called in his buddy to come kill me when I tried to ransom him. We got to talking, and it turns out he's in a small, new corp looking for new pilots. So now I find myself in this new corp, maybe I'll stay, maybe not, depends if they come when needed. :)

Oh, and I got to fight the CEO's Brutix in my Rifter. Pinned him down and took out his shield. Granted, I'd need more firepower to get rid of his tank, but hey, It was fun.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Drone boats...

I lost my Rifter to a drone boat. 'nuff said. Was looting wrecks in Amamake looking for something small to kill. I was trying to find a Rifter I had scanned, but I warped to the wrong belt. I was slow, a Thorax locked and scrammed me before I could warp. I thought I had a chance until he launched his Valkyrie II's. My shields were gone in seconds and so was my armor. In pretty much no time I was in my pod. I warped back to base. For some reason I seem to like talking to people after killing them or being killed by them...


In my last pot I mentioned a few things that I forgot to link to. The first is the Tuskers. These guys are a fun crowd. :) They are the first pirate corp that I've ever spoken to, and they're rather friendly. :) The next person is what led me to the Tuskers. He goes by the name Wensley, and has a fairly large blog of his PvP encounters, largely focusing on Rifter combat. And he's what got me into piracy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My First Kill!

Well, I've done it...
I actually managed to kill something. :)
Today was extremely fun. It began with me lurking the Tusker's public channel. Suddenly, I noticed something odd. Welsey was on. This particular Tusker is one I'd been meaning to talk to ever since starting to read his blog posts back a few months ago. I established communication and began to introduce myself. We talk for a few minutes about me getting into PvP, mainly piracy, and he points me in the direction of one of his favorite systems and his own training ground - Amamake. This is where the fun begins.

I head out in my Rifter, and close in on this mysterious system. I get this feeling, the same feeling I got while playing F.E.A.R. at night with the lights off - like someone is about to shoot me from any angle. However, this time, I have supervisor. :)

I establish a base at one of the stations, and undock. Nothing in the vicinity... So I head to the first belt I see. Nothing. Second belt, still nothing. I speed towards the third belt. My scanner registers a Rifter. I observe him dueling an NPC cruiser. All the better for me. I burn towards him, egging my ship faster, he hasn't noticed me. Right when I'm on top of him, I lock, scramble, and open up with all weapons. This is a technique Welsey has tought me through his blogs, and it's worth using. I take a look at my Rifter's readout - half armor and my target is just the same. But, like the newbie I am, I bug out, thinking I can't win. I sit in the middle of nowhere, contemplating m next move.

I warp into a belt I haven't tried yet. A Rifter immediately tries to lock me, but I notice he has a rupture buddy standing next to him. I warp out in search of better fated opportunities. I arrive at a belt I haven't explored, and notice a Thrasher duking it out with some NPC ships. This will be my target, I think, as I burn towards it as quick as my Rifter will go. It's ironic, I think to myself, last time, I nearly totalled a Thrasher, this time, I will not make the same mistake. I close to an orbit. Locked, webbed, scrambled. My missile is the first to exit my ship, tearing into my target's shields. My cannons now come to life, his shields are at half, a quarter, gone! At this point, he realizes the real threat, and begins to return fire, all the while Welsey cheering me on :). Too late, by the time my shields are down, his ship has lost armor. His hull begins to buckle. In a final flash, I'm left with a wreck. I transfer his wreck to my cargo hold by the time the NPC cruiser opens up. Having had my kill, I warp to the middle of nowhere, turning on my sublights to avoid detection. Mission accomplished.

There you have it, my recount of my very first full fledged solo kill. Not much to the experienced out there, but man, it feels good. Afterward, I established communication with my target's pilot.
This is the main meat of the kill mail and my conversation thereafter:

Victim: Liewelyn
Destroyed: Thrasher
System: Amamake
Damage Taken: 7881

Involved Parties:
Damage Done: 1944

Dropped items:
250mm Light Artillery Cannon I, Qty: 3
Titanium Sabot S, Qty: 100 (Cargo)
Flameburst Light Missile, Qty: 106 (Cargo)
Flameburst Light Missile, Qty: 30
1MN Afterburner I
Small Capacitor Booster I
Standard Missile Launcher I
Phased Plasma S, Qty: 19
Warp Core Stabilizer I
Cap Booster 200, Qty: 14 (Cargo)

And the conversation:
Liewelyn > why man
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:05 ] Captain Charismatic > Hello.
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:07 ] Captain Charismatic > Lol
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:12 ] Captain Charismatic > Because you were there
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:20 ] Captain Charismatic > Just be thankful I didn't pod you.
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:48 ] Liewelyn > lol i see how this works now
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:53 ] Captain Charismatic > ?
[ 2009.11.18 00:50:55 ] Captain Charismatic > How?
[ 2009.11.18 00:51:03 ] Captain Charismatic > We're not all bad BTW. Nothing personal.
[ 2009.11.18 00:54:05 ] Captain Charismatic > Are you a newer player?
[ 2009.11.18 00:56:19 ] Liewelyn > yes
[ 2009.11.18 00:56:28 ] Liewelyn > about 3 days
[ 2009.11.18 00:56:45 ] Captain Charismatic > Ah.
[ 2009.11.18 00:56:47 ] Captain Charismatic > Tip.
[ 2009.11.18 00:56:54 ] Liewelyn > sure
[ 2009.11.18 00:57:10 ] Captain Charismatic > Destroyers like your thrasher, are best fitted with railguns, say 125mm. They're anti frigate guns.
[ 2009.11.18 00:57:19 ] Captain Charismatic > I was flying a well fitted frigate
[ 2009.11.18 00:57:41 ] Liewelyn > ok ty
[ 2009.11.18 00:57:48 ] Captain Charismatic > Don't leave yet
[ 2009.11.18 00:58:04 ] Liewelyn > ok
[ 2009.11.18 00:58:30 ] Liewelyn > i am at the first station
[ 2009.11.18 00:59:08 ] Captain Charismatic > Another tip lol. While in low sec, don't tell me where you are.
[ 2009.11.18 00:59:15 ] Captain Charismatic > Because then I just come shoot you.
[ 2009.11.18 01:00:05 ] Captain Charismatic > But, this should cover you another destroyer:
[ 2009.11.18 01:00:26 ] Liewelyn > i just though to would have a small kendest
[ 2009.11.18 01:00:42 ] Captain Charismatic > kendest?
[ 2009.11.18 01:01:16 ] Liewelyn > kindness
[ 2009.11.18 01:01:39 ] Liewelyn > lol
[ 2009.11.18 01:01:45 ] Captain Charismatic > Well, I just paid you for another ship. :P
[ 2009.11.18 01:02:01 ] Captain Charismatic > You were actually my first kill, ever. :)
[ 2009.11.18 01:02:05 ] Liewelyn > ok ty
[ 2009.11.18 01:03:21 ] Captain Charismatic > Anyway, don't tell people where you are while you're in lowsec lol. They just come kill you.
[ 2009.11.18 01:03:48 ] Liewelyn > ok ty how long have u been playing
[ 2009.11.18 01:04:01 ] Captain Charismatic > Since August.
[ 2009.11.18 01:04:04 ] Captain Charismatic > I have two accounts.
[ 2009.11.18 01:04:15 ] Captain Charismatic > THis one, and one that mines like crazy to fund this one.
[ 2009.11.18 01:04:59 ] Liewelyn > o ok well next time i see u i will not fire
[ 2009.11.18 01:05:32 ] Captain Charismatic > Lol.
[ 2009.11.18 01:05:34 ] Captain Charismatic > Why not?
[ 2009.11.18 01:05:40 ] Captain Charismatic > I'd probably fire on you.
[ 2009.11.18 01:05:45 ] Captain Charismatic > It's lowsec.
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:00 ] Captain Charismatic > But then again, I'd probably pay you again. :P
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:21 ] Captain Charismatic > You fitted a stabalizer?
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:30 ] Liewelyn > i sense good in you my friend
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:34 ] Captain Charismatic > lol.
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:37 ] Liewelyn > yea i did
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:43 ] Captain Charismatic > You could have run away.
[ 2009.11.18 01:06:51 ] Captain Charismatic > I only had one point on you.
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:02 ] Liewelyn > o really
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:16 ] Liewelyn > i did not not know how
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:20 ] Captain Charismatic > Lol.
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:26 ] Captain Charismatic > You pick somewhere, and hit warp.
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:45 ] Captain Charismatic > If you're on tomorrow, I can teach you some other stuff. Logging for the night.
[ 2009.11.18 01:07:52 ] Liewelyn > i did it would not let me
[ 2009.11.18 01:08:01 ] Captain Charismatic > Ah.

More Experiences Await!
This is the chat log of my first PvP.

[ 2009.11.17 00:32:58 ] Captain Charismatic > Want to keep your ship?
[ 2009.11.17 00:33:11 ] Raayze > sure
[ 2009.11.17 00:33:25 ] Captain Charismatic > How about a bit of a donation?
[ 2009.11.17 00:33:46 ] Raayze > as in?
[ 2009.11.17 00:33:59 ] Captain Charismatic > As in how much ISK do you have?
[ 2009.11.17 00:34:12 ] Raayze > a few mil
[ 2009.11.17 00:34:36 ] Captain Charismatic > 300k I let you go.
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:02 ] Raayze > how do i know you wont just blast me anyway?
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:07 ] Captain Charismatic > My word
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:19 ] Captain Charismatic > Not worth much, but I keep it
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:35 ] Raayze > says the can flipper
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:37 ] Raayze > no thanks
[ 2009.11.17 00:35:44 ] Captain Charismatic > :(
[ 2009.11.17 00:36:27 ] Captain Charismatic > Well, that was interesting.

Monday, November 16, 2009

First PvP

So this was rather fun... My first attempt at can flipping.
Here I am, flying along in my little Rifter. I warp into a belt. I detect 3 other ships. A velator, which poses no threat, a thrasher, and a retriever. I decide to go for the thrasher, who is using a can. I move to his can, eject my own, swap the ore, and lock the thrasher. Instantly, he locks and attacks. I start my Rifter's modules, and see his shield start to buckle, then goes his armor. Soon, I'm into his hull. I stop to convo him: bad move. I haggle over price for over a minute. All of a sudden, his mate shows up, and overwhelms my Rifter. Oh well. I learned my lesson - Never diddle daddle. :) I'm back in a new ship ready to flip some more. :P