Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dax Quinn Meets NinjaRaven / NinjaRaven's first kill

It had been a slow day in Dodixie, and I was winding down, just hoping to loot a few fields before the end of the day. Our fleet was slowly scanning and working through some hits. The call went out from Zarago Vamiska to join him at a large-ish field of wrecks. I immediately warped in, and found a Dominix shooting at some NPC's. I sauntered up, and grabbed a nice juicy 1200mm artillery gun.

He immediately locked and fired, and I made a strategic withdrawal to assume control of NinjaRaven. Once docked, I swapped for my untested ship, and proceeded to undock as fast as the station would let me. Once out, I entered warp, arriving on the first gate with ~10 min left on the counter.

Going through the next few gates was tedious, as I watched the timer go down from 10 to 5 minutes, it was going to be relatively close.

I activated the final gate with 4 minutes to spare, arriving on the field shortly after. Two of my other fleetmates were already there, ready to assist with extra damage and remote repair - the mission runner had locked and fired on all 3 of us surprisingly.

It took several tense moments to lock him, but within a few seconds, he was pointed, and torpedoes were raining onto his shield. Only something was wrong, I wasn't getting the hits I was expecting.. A quick check showed I had loaded the wrong type of damage for his tank. Seconds later, my launchers were back up, this time launching Inferno torpedoes. These worked quite effectively...
>Your group of Caldari Navy Inferno Torpedo hits Dak Quinn [CSPAM](Dominix), doing 3201.6 damage.

Seconds later, he popped, giving NinjaRaven its first kill, and dropping a bit of loot in the process.

Killmail is here:

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